Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Beyond the Lens.....

Hmmm.... what is there to do on this beautuful island of Maui when I am not shooting? I started paddling outrigger canoes 2 years ago and fell in LOVE with the sport! This year was the "bucket list" for paddling. Checked off the following: **Second in the open women's division Hana Regatta Alau Island race Its a photo finish! The pack is on us! Hana Regatta crew - good times! **Undefeated women's novice A team for Maui County. Placed 8th at the states race held on Oahu. This is the superbowl of paddling. Teams come from all the Hawaiian Islands to compete. The best of the best. Team Undefeated Taking first at a Regatta = a winners tunnel! Keehi Lagoon - Oahu 2010 States Race Detail of Koa Canoes: every club has to race in a Koa Canoe, it is amazing to see all these canoes together on the beach and racing on the water. After Regatta season Long Distance season begins! **Raced in the Queen Lili'uokalani - the largest outrigger canoe race in the world: 18 miles along the coast of the Big Island starting in Kona finishing at the City of Refuge. Teams from all around the world participate in the race. This year there was a total of 120 boats. We finished 17th in our division and 36th overall Finish: City of Refuge
The mighty crew
Canoe Detail
*I also completed my first channel crossing paddling back from the Big Island to Maui about 46 miles. Who needs a plane when you can paddle a canoe!
**PAILOLO CHALLENGE: paddle from Maui to Molokai aprox 26 miles. We didn't do to well in this race. Finished almost last but not DFL - whew!
Pailolo Crew
**NA WAHINE O KE KAI (Women of the Sea): This is the mack daddy of all races and what we trained for all these past months... 42 miles total across the Kaiwi Channel starting point on Molokai Hale o Lono Beach finish line Waikiki Beach on Oahu.
Canoes rigged & ready to go
The Na Wahine Team
Heading out to the start line
Escort boats looking for their canoe: 90 total boats this year
Finish line: paddling into Waikiki Beach
After being on the ocean for hours paddling, getting in and out of the canoe and escort boat all we want to do is take a nice shower and clean up.... This is a typical shower situation. Any hose will do!
More paddle adventures to be posted....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kristi & Mark - Plantation House

Kristi & Mark - it was such a pleasure meeting you and shooting your wedding. I am truely honored. Thank you.